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What To Expect

A Proactive Path

Step 1) Initial Consultation:

This is an opportunity is to discuss with your chiropractor exactly what brought you in, the outcome you desire and how chiropractic care can best meet your goals.

Step 2) Digital Posture and Movement Analysis:

Using the latest technology, we assess your current posture and movement patterns. This allows us to detect dysfunction within your spine and pelvis, and see how much stress and strain is in your upper back and neck.

Step 3) Neuro-Spinal Analysis:

Specific and detailed hands on approach.
We assess you as a whole person and get to the underlying cause of your condition and level of function, not just treat an isolated symptom or disease.

Step 4) X-ray and Analysis:

After your initial consultation and examination, if further assessment is required, you’ll be referred for spinal x-rays (these are the bulk billed).

Step 5) Schedule your Report Visit:

Your Report Visit is where we will explain the results of the assessments and discuss a plan of action to best meet your needs and health goals.

Chiropractic Care that is –

Cost effective

Time efficient

And easy to experience

Booking Your Appointment

Please use the Book Online button below to book your appointment. You will be able to choose from a number of services. Alternatively, you can call us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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